Most people have used Lithium-ion battery, but few people know how does Lithium-ion battery internal structure looks like. Here introduce you Cylindrical li-ion battery and Li-polymer battery internal structure.
Notice: Never disassemble the batteries. The disassembling may generate internal short circuit in the cell, which may cause gassing, firing, explosion, or other problems.
Cylindrical 18650 Li-ion Battery
Li-ion battery structure
From the picture we can see, the main structure inside are Anode, separator and Cathode, like three pieces of paper put together and roll it into a cylinder. Notice, the separator is always between the Anode and Cathode to prevent short circuit. This cylinder is the original cell, it has two tabs, Anode tab on top is connected to the top cap and Cathode tab on bottom is connected to the steel can, this is why when we use a battery, the top side is Anode and the whole steel can is Cathode. On the top structure, there will also be safety device to prevent battery explosions and short-circuit.
Li-polymer Battery
lipo battery structure
Same with cylindrical battery, its main inner structure is composed of  Anode, Separator and Cathode, different with cylindrical battery, the processing method is that several pieces anodes, separators and cathodes are regularly stacked together, this is the original Li-polymer battery cell, then covered with aluminium laminate film to isolate it from the outside, these two tabs are the way to connect with outside.
Making a lithium battery is a complex process. The above is a brief introduction to the internal structure of the battery. Remind again: Never disassemble the batteries.

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