Li-polymer(Lipo) battery naming rule is generally basis on thickness / width / length, always use 6~7 digits, such as PL103450 means thickness is 10mm, width is 34mm, length is 50mm, the first two digits represent the thickness, the middle two digits represent the width and the last two digits represent length, PL indicates that this battery belong to polymer class. In order to make the battery more representative, we often use the brand name or company abbreviation instead of PL, such as ours is EHS (EHIGHSEN).

The thickness of Li-polymer(Lipo) battery does not exceed 20mm, so when you see PL203450, it not means thickness is 20mm, but 2mm. Similarly, PL302025, the thickness is 3mm, PL751525, the thickness is 7.5mm.
How to represent 1mm thickness? The first two digits will be 01, such as PL013040, its size is 1.0*30*40mm.
If the length of Li-polymer is more then 99mm, we need to use three digits to represent the length, PL6065100 means thickness is 6.0mm, width is 65mm, height is 100mm.

EHS 103450 lipo battery thickness

In short, the naming rule of Li-polymer(Lipo) battery is based on the size of battery, on the contrary, we can also infer the size of battery according the battery name. Notice, this rule only applies to original battery cells, the length of battery will increase after add PCB.

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