LIPO battery lawn-mower

satety    Lithium polymer battery use aluminum-plastic flexible packing, different from the liquid electrolyte battery cell metal shell, even if there are safety concerns, liquid electrolyte easily explode, and polymer batteries will only drums.
thin    Ordinary liquid electrolyte li-ion battery using the custom shell, technical bottleneck exists in the thickness below 3.6mm, but lithium polymer battery don’t have this problem, the thickness can be done about 1mm.
▲ light weight    Lithium polymer battery weight 40% lighter than the same capacity steel li-ion battery, 20% lighter than the same capacity aluminum li-ion battery.
li polymer battery earth
▲ large capacity    The capacity of lithium polymer battery 10~15% higher than same size steel li-ion battery, 5~10% higher than same size aluminum li-ion battery.
▲ small internal resistance    Lithium polymer cell internal resistance is smaller than the general liquid electrolyte cell, the polymer battery internal resistance can even be 35Ω or less, reducing the battery’s self-discharge greatly.
▲ shape can be customized    According to customer’s needs to increase or decrease the thickness of the battery, the development of new batteries model and open mould cycle are short. make full use of the battery shell space, increase the battery capacity.
▲ good discharge characteristics    Using colloidal electrolyte, compared to liquid electrolyte, colloidal electrolyte has a smooth discharge characteristics and a higher discharge platform.
▲ PCB design is simple    Due to the polymer materials, battery don’t fire, don’t explode, the battery itself has sufficient security, so the polymer battery PCB design can be considered to omit PTC and fuse, thus saving battery costs.

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