Few days ago, a friend asked us a question on facebook,  and she said
lithium ion battery questions
Obviously, this manual is wrong, lithium ion battery have no memory effect, for new batteries, do not need to charge 3 times at 12 hours, and how to charge a new lithium ion battery properly?
charge battery
Charge the lithium battery for the first time
There’s a common knowledge about lithium ion battery we should know, it will goes to sleep states after being placed for a long time, general several months, at this time the capacity is lower than nominal capacity, but don’t worry, the lithium ion battery is easily activated, just need to charge to 100% for 3~5 times.
Now back to the question: how to charge a new lithium ion battery properly, the answer is obvious: charge to 100% at first several times.
charge lithium battery
Other lithium ion battery charge and discharge knowledge
  1. Lithium ion battery have no memory, you can charge and stop charging at any time.
  2. Overcharge and over discharge are bad for lithium battery, so remove it from Charger when it finished and start to charge when the power of battery blow 20%.
  3. Always use a right charger to charge lithium battery.
Proper charging and discharging methods will extend battery life.

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